Aerial Work Platform Rentals in Nyack, NY

Aerial Work Platform Rental

AAA Equipment Rentals is your source for aerial work platforms in Nyack, NY. Our aerial work platforms can be used at both indoor and outdoor job sites and are great for jobs such as painting, tree trimming, and window washing. These platforms are compact and light, making them easy for a single person to install and operate. Their design allows them to be easily transported in a pickup truck and fit in to tight spaces.

AAA Equipment Rentals carries a full line of Aerial Work and scissor platform lifts. Everything from compact one-man awp lifts to 50 foot off road scissor lifts. We can help you with your indoor or outdoor needs. We have staff on site to help you choose the best lift for your application.

Available Equipment:

Atrium Lift 43 ft

AWP 25 with Straddle

Boom Lift JLG 450
Boom Lift 60 Foot
Boom Lift 80 Foot
Boom Lift 85 Foot
Boom Lift 110 Foot
Boom Lift 130 Foot

Harness – Safety

Lift – 30 ft Boom
Lift – 43 ft Telescopical Off
Lift – 60 ft articulated
Lift – 60 Ft. Boom
Lift – 80 ft o
Lift – 85 ft o
Lift – Genie Man Lift Z45 #1
Lift – Genie Man Lift Z45 #2
Lift – Genie Material Lift
Lift – Liftpod 14ft
Lift – Man Lift 120ft
Lift – Man Lift 30ft. – Genie
Lift 185 Feet
Lift 30 Ft
Lift 34 ft tow behind
Lift 40 foot
Lift 40 foot #2
Lift 450z
Lift 65′ boom
Lift 65 feet rtw
Lift 85 foot
Lift Boom 120FT
Lift Boom 30 foot Eletric
Lift Boom Eletric 30 Foot
Lift genie 60ft
Lift Man Lift 19 foot
Lift Man Lift 32 Foot
Lift Nifty 50 ft WTR
Lift S-85 85FT Straight OHR
Lift S60 -60 foot Straight OHR
Lift S80- 80FT Straight OHR
Lift Safety Harness
Lift Safety Harness #2
Lift tm 34
Lift Trailer Behind 35 Foot
Lift Z-45 OHR

Scaffolding – Complete Set
Scaffolding – Baker
Scaffolding 3 Complete section
Scaffolding Baker #1
scaffolding bakers wheels set
Scaffolding Caster
Scaffolding Complete 3 Section
Scaffolding Complete 5 Section
Scaffolding Complete 6 Section
Scaffolding Cross Brace
Scaffolding Guard Rail
Scaffolding Out Rigger
Scaffolding Safety Ends
Scaffolding Safety Pin
Scaffolding Step Frame
Scaffolding 22 Sections
Scaffolding Legs

Tow Behind Lift 34 Foot