Power Washer Rentals in Nyack, NY

Power Washer Rental

AAA Equipment Rentals is your one-stop shop for hot and cold water power washers in Nyack, NY. Our large inventory of pressure washers includes portable units that are easy to pickup and transport so you can complete your job hassle free.

We carry pressure washers from 2700 psi to 4000 psi. AAA Equipment Rentals will have all of your power washer needs to do your job. Whether you’re power washing your house on the weekend or a commercial contractor looking for the most advanced and high-pressure, we have what you need to do the job.

Available Equipment:

Hot Water Pressure Hose
Hot Water Pressure Hose #2
Hot Water Pressure Hose #3

Pressure Washer Telescope Wand
Pressure Washer – Elec.
Pressure Washer – Hot Water
Pressure Washer – Soap Adapter
Pressure Washer – Turbo Nozzel
Pressure Washer – Wand
Pressure Washer 2700 #1
Pressure Washer 2700 #2
Pressure Washer 3500PSI
Pressure Washer 4000PSI
Pressure Washer 4000PSI #2
Pressure washer 2300 psi

Surface Washer