Forklift & Material Handling Equipment Rentals in Nyack, NY

Forklift Rentals

AAA Equipment Rentals is your one-stop shop for all your material handling needs in Nyack, NY. Our fleet of forklifts have a variety of load capacities, fuel systems, and mast heights so you’ll find what you need for any construction job, warehouse, or distribution center.

Here at AAA Equipment we are a Manitou dealer and carry forklifts and lulls ranging from electric, gas, propane or diesel. We carry indoor and outdoor forklifts from 5000 lbs lift capabilities all the way up to 12,000 lbs telehandlers. We not only carry the Manitou line but have many other brands in stock for any of your lifting needs. We have cushioned or solid tires, user-friendly equipment, side shift tilt forks, and many other options. Come down to see all of the unique forklifts and telehandlers we have in stock.

When it comes to indoor lifting we have a full line of material lifting equipment to use. For that load up to 650 lbs and 18 feet. This lift replaces a dolly or forklift in areas that it could not reach. The lift operates by a winch system ideal for lifting and stacking and is easily maneuverable in tight spaces. It fits easily into a pickup truck or van for transport.

Available Equipment:

Chain Hoist

Dolly – Aluminum
Dolly – Wooden
Dolly – Appliance

Engine Hoist

Fork Extensions – 6W x 72″L
Fork Extensions – 6W x 72″L#2″
Forklift – FG25T-16
Forklift – Lull 6000 Lbs 29′
Forklift – Lull 9000 lbs
Forklift – Propane Tank
Forklift 10K Telescopic OHR
Forklift 3000lb OHR
Forklift 6k Telescopic OHR
Forklift 9K Telescopic OHR
Forklift Electric 3500lbs
Forklift FG25 #2 6000
Forklift lift platform
Forklift Lull 10,000 LB
Forklift Lull 42′ 6000 LBS
Forklift Komatsu FG25 5000 Lbs
Forklift Man Basket
Forklift Rough Terrian
Forklift Trailer Adapter
Forklift WTR
Forklift-FG25T-16 #4
Forks – s70

Hand Truck

Jack – Bottle 20 Ton
Jack – Shoring
Jack Bottle

Material Lift – 18 Ft

Pallet Jack – 2 1/2 Ton

Panel Lift


Teleahander Manitou FG 625 5500 Lbs
Teleahander 10,000 Lbs
Teleahander 9000 Lbs
Teleahander 6000 Lbs