Concrete & Mortar Mixer Rentals in Nyack, NY

Concrete Mixer Rental

AAA Equipment Rentals is your one-stop shop for concrete mixers and mortar mixers in Nyack, NY. Our portable mixers will save you time and money instead of mixing your concrete and mortar in with a drill motor and a bucket.

Concrete mixers operate with a spinning drum that mixes the cement. Portable concrete mixers prevent premature settling since you can mix the concrete on site when you need it.

Portable mortar mixers are perfect for more abrasive materials such as mortar, stucco, drywall mud, grout, and plaster. These mixers use rotating paddles to mix the materials. It’s important to use the right mixer for your material – mixing cement in a mortar mixer can damage or even destroy the paddles and belts of the machine.

Here at AAA Equipment Rentals we are a Multiquip dealer offering a line of electric and gas powered mortar mixers and cement mixers for both rental and for sale easily towable behind a vehicle.

Available Equipment:

18″ Diamond Blade

Asphalt 14″ Blade
Asphalt 18″ Blade

Body Grinder- 7″
Body Grinder – Cement Grind Wheel

Bosch Brute

Cement Mixer
Cement Mixer – Elec 2cu ft
Cement Mixer – stow #2
Cement Mixer 9CF
Cement Mixer – 9CF Gas Steel #1
Cement Mixer – 9CF Gas Steel #2
Cement Vibrator SV-2

Demo Saw – Electric Hilti
Demo Saw Hilti

Diamond Blade – 14 Inch
Diamond Blade – 12 Inch
Diamond Blade – 20 Inch

Drill Bit 11/4
Drill Cordless + Battery Charge

Dyna-Glo Heater

Edco CPM8
Edco Dual Disc
Edco Tile Stripper

Hilti TE60
Hilti TE1000
Hilti TE3000

Masonary Saw
Masonary Saw 14″ Electric
Masonary Saw 14″ Gas

Mortar Mixer – 9CF Gas Steel

Saw – Walk Behind 18″
Saw – Walk Behind 20″

Trowel – 4 Blade